About Us

Residing in the Cape Winelands, I have a passion for all forms of needlework and enjoy the challenge of detailed work.

Needlework has been my unabated passion since the age of 12. This still gives me great pleasure and the ability to create something unique still warms my soul.

Ever since my daughter started helping at her old gymnastics club I’ve been given the opportunity to extend my hobby. Granting gymnasts the chance to walk onto the floor with the leotards they desire fills me with joy.

I use high-quality materials and always strive for perfection, even when the hours grow long.

Newest completed projects

We had a few teething problems with the design of the new van der Stel Club leotard, despite the problems 28 leotards have been made and delivered to the gymnasts.

  • Leotards for a Stellenbosch dance school, we are very excited to complete this order of 19 leotards.

  Work in progress

  • A purple and pink “swirly” voluntary leotard.

Paint work has been completed

  • Van der Stel’s Rhythmic leotard